Out’n About! for Windows v6.0

Out’n About! for Windows v6.0

New Features:

  • Completely new database engine based on award winning CodeBase database system.
  • Users can now schedule events (e.g., meetings, travel, or vacation) to automatically check IN/OUT at a future date/time.
  • Added Employee, Status History, and Phone History reports that can be viewed or printed by administrative users.
  • Added military time support.
  • Added mouse wheel support.
  • Added option to automatically login at program startup.
  • Added option to automatically check OUT and close the program when the system is shut down.
  • Added option to display users by first and last name.
  • Automatically detects new versions on your server allowing users to quickly update their workstation.
  • Users can allow non-administrative users to view their event calendar and/or phone messages.


  • There were no bugs identified by customers in Out’n About! for Windows v5.5!!!


  • If you are upgrading a previous version of Out’n About! you MUST convert your existing Out’n About! database using the database conversion utility.