How to Re-enable the Home Page functionality to fix the Out’n About Status Board View

If you recently updated Outlook, or installed the latest Office - you may have been affected by a recent change put in by Microsoft. Out'n About! uses the Home Page tab in the folder properties to display the Out'n About! status board, and other various Out'n About! functions. If your status board only says "There are not items to show in this view" and looks like the following screenshot, you have been affected by this change. The rest of this...

Out’n About! for Outlook makes Outlook hang or stall on startup

Thanks again to one of our talented clients, we have found a possible fix for the issue when Out'n About! for Outlook addin can cause Outlook to hang or stall on startup. If the user is running Windows 7 Classic Theme, please try switching to Windows 7 Basic. We are looking into a more permanent fix, but in the meantime this should fix startup issues. Special thanks to Callin for this discovery.