Windows 10 High Contrast or Custom Theme mode prevents Outlook startup

Symptom: Out'n About! for Outlook addin stops Outlook from starting up. Outlook may stop loading at "Loading 2 of 3 add-ins" or "Loading Profile" steps. Fix: If you are having issues with loading the Out'n About! for Outlook add-in, please check if the affected user(s) have High Contrast mode enabled. Try closing Outlook, and disabling High Contrast Mode. Also, sometimes a custom Windows Theme may also prevent Out'n About from loading. Please try closing Outlook, and switch to a default Windows Theme. Special...

Potential issue with Microsoft Teams and Out’n About! for Outlook clients

We've had a small number of our clients report that the Microsoft Teams add-in for Outlook may be affecting Out'n About! and other add-ins. If you are having add-in loading issues after installing Microsoft Teams, please check you are running the latest version of Teams add-in or disable the add-in entirely, if it's not critical to your users. This is a developing issue, and may be limited to only certain environments. This post will be updated when we learn more.

Outlook displays the error “Cannot display the folder. Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again.”

Behavior When trying to view the Out'n About Statusboard, an affected user gets the following Outlook error message: Cannot display the folder. Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again. Recommended Fix Please check if the user has multiple Out'n About clients installed at once. This may occur when one copy of the addin was installed manually, and one via managed group policies. Uninstall the older version of the client, and Out'n About should behave normally again.  

How to Re-enable the Home Page functionality to fix the Out’n About Status Board View

If you recently updated Outlook, or installed the latest Office - you may have been affected by a recent change put in by Microsoft. Out'n About! uses the Home Page tab in the folder properties to display the Out'n About! status board, and other various Out'n About! functions. If your status board only says "There are not items to show in this view" and looks like the following screenshot, you have been affected by this change. The rest of this...

Out’n About! for Outlook makes Outlook hang or stall on startup

Thanks again to one of our talented clients, we have found a possible fix for the issue when Out'n About! for Outlook addin can cause Outlook to hang or stall on startup. If the user is running Windows 7 Classic Theme, please try switching to Windows 7 Basic. We are looking into a more permanent fix, but in the meantime this should fix startup issues. Special thanks to Callin for this discovery.

[A FIX IS AVAILABLE] Microsoft’s October Security Updates breaks Out’n About! for Outlook status board view – KB4011196, KB2553338, and/or KB2837599

A fix is now available. A step-by-step fix with video, is now available. [Update 10/17/17] We're happy to announce, we have found a Microsoft official work around. Instructions for the fix are below, and the original post will follow the fix information.  With the help of one of our clients, we are happy to announce a Microsoft-official workaround for the recent changes that broke Out'n About status board views. If your Out'n About! folder inside Outlook suddenly said "There are no items to...

Where are the Out’n About! Log files?

If a user has problems, we often will need various log files that we automatically generate and save in the user's temp folder. Easiest way to get to the correct location is to type %temp% in a windows explorer navigation bar and press ENTER on your keyboard, as shown here: The file names include: OutAboutOutlook.log OutAboutTCPIP.log Out'n About! for Outlook Install.log Out'n About! for Outlook Uninstall.log Providing these files to our support staff can often expedite a fix for your affected users.

Where’s my status board? I can’t see the status board when I click Department Panel

Its a very common question, and just one of the strange things about integrating with Outlook. In order to view the Out'n About! status board - please navigate to the "Out'n About!" folder. We automatically create this folder upon installation, and its usually located next to your existing Outlook folders like "Inbox", "Outbox", and so on. Tip: Right click the Out'n About folder here, and "Show in Favorites". Now the Out'n About folder will be at the top in your Favorite folder...

Is there an easy way to quickly search for a name on the Out’n About! board?

To search for a name on your Out'n About! board, quickly type the first few letters of the user's last name. If a matching name appears on your board, it will be highlighted. If you are unable to find a user's name on the Out'n About! board, make sure you have selected 'Everyone' from the Department List and you have cleared any filters. Note: this information, as well as other detailed information, is contained in the Out'n About! for Outlook User Manual. We strongly suggest that...


We firmly believe in and support our products 100%, but we understand that we can't be perfect for all offices. We are more than happy to provide a complete refund within 30 days of your original purchase. Before asking for a refund, please allow us to try and resolve any difficulties you are experiencing by opening a support ticket. Most issues with the Out'n About for Outlook are well known with effective fixes. We also offer free trials of our full...

What versions of Outlook are supported?

Out'n About! for Outlook is supported using: Outlook 2000* Outlook 2002/XP Outlook 2003 Outlook 2007 Outlook 2010 Outlook 2013 Outlook 2016 *For Outlook 2000 you must have at least Service Release 1a installed in order forOut'n About! to work correctly. We do not support any web-based email portal, like Version 4+ of the Out'n About! Client is not compatible with Windows XP host operating system.

How do I change the Out’n About! options or default username?

In Out'n About! version 3.0 and before - Select the Outlook Tools... Options... menu and select the Out'n About! tab to bring up the Out'n About! for Outlook Options dialog. If you are running Outlook 2010 or newer, this screen has moved to the Out'n About top ribbon navigation, next to File, Home, Send/Recieve, etc. Next, look for the Department Panel and Refresh button. In the corner of that section is a small down arrow. Click that to access the Out'n About Options. If you are using version 4.0...