Is there an easy way to quickly search for a name on the Out’n About! board?

To search for a name on your Out’n About! board, quickly type the first few letters of the user’s last name. If a matching name appears on your board, it will be highlighted.
If you are unable to find a user’s name on the Out’n About! board, make sure you have selected ‘Everyone’ from the Department List and you have cleared any filters.
Note: this information, as well as other detailed information, is contained in the Out’n About! for Outlook User Manual. We strongly suggest […]



We firmly believe in and support our products 100%, but we understand that we can’t be perfect for all offices. We are more than happy to provide a complete refund within 30 days of your original purchase.

Before asking for a refund, please allow us to try and resolve any difficulties you are experiencing by opening a support ticket. Most issues with the Out’n About for Outlook are well known with effective fixes. We also offer free trials of our […]


What versions of Outlook are supported?

Out’n About! for Outlook is supported using:

Outlook 2000*
Outlook 2002/XP
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2013
Outlook 2016

*For Outlook 2000 you must have at least Service Release 1a installed in order forOut’n About! to work correctly.
We do not support any web-based email portal, like
Version 4+ of the Out’n About! Client is not compatible with Windows XP host operating system.


How do I change the Out’n About! options or default username?

In Out’n About! version 3.0 and before – Select the Outlook Tools… Options… menu and select the Out’n About! tab to bring up the Out’n About! for Outlook Options dialog.
If you are running Outlook 2010 or newer, this screen has moved to the Out’n About top ribbon navigation, next to File, Home, Send/Recieve, etc. Next, look for the Department Panel and Refresh button. In the corner of that section is a small down arrow. Click that to access the Out’n About Options.
If you are using version […]