Out’n About! for Outlook provides a variety of reports to support and help manage your organization. Reports are available from the Out’n About! for Outlook main menu.
Employee Report
The Employee report displays a customizable list of all employees in the organization or a specific department. You can select and define the display order of any fields available in the Out’n About! system.
Generate Employee Reports for all users and departments for Out’n About
Status History Report
The Status History report displays all status […]


Calendar Status Event Documentation

Calendar Status Events
Out’n About! for Outlook allows you to schedule future status events (e.g., meetings, travel, or vacation) based on Outlook Appointment items. When you open an existing appointment or create a new appointment, click on the Out’n About! Calendar Event toolbar button to configure a future status change. When the appointment occurs, Out’n About! will automatically change your status based on the settings you define.

You can also have the Calendar Event check to see if you are currently […]


User Configuration Options for Out’n About! for Outlook

Configuration Options
All of the Out’n About for Outlook configuration options are available in the Out’n About! for Outlook Option menu. If you are using Outlook 2010 or above, click on the ribbon bar dialog launcher buttons at the bottom of each ribbon section. If you are using Out’n About version 4.0 and above, there is a dedicated Options panel button, inside the Out’n About! ribbon.
Default Status Messages
The Out’n About! default status messages are fully configurable to allow the status […]


Remote Commands

The Remote Commands option allows you to change your Out’n About! status and retrieve other’s status via remote e-mail message commands. This way if you are away from your desk you can change and retrieve status using your mobile device or remote computer.
Note: your Outlook client must be opened in order to receive and process the commands.
What Email Should I use?
The e-mail address used to send the command must be your Outlook e-mail address or an authorized e-mail address […]


Using Out’n About! for Outlook

Connection Settings
When you first start Outlook after installing Out’n About!, the software will prompt you for connection and login information. The Server Address will be the IP address of the PC that is running the Out’n About! for Outlook Server. Your local IT team will be able to provide this, as Out’n About! is a self-hosted system. Prerequisites is the server is installed somewhere on your network.

Logging In
After entering the connection settings, you will be prompted for your password to […]


User Interface

The following section describes the Out’n About! for Outlook user interface.
Main Window Out’n About! for Outlook is integrated directly into the Microsoft Outlook product. The In/Out Status Board can be displayed by clicking on the ‘Out’n About!’ folder in the mail folder list (as shown below) or the ‘Out’n About!’ shortcut in the Outlook shortcuts bar.
Outlook 2010/2013
Out’n About! for Outlook uses the Outlook 2010/2013 Fluent UI ribbon bar.

User Menu
The Out’n About! user menu is available by double-clicking or right-clicking […]


Introduction User Guide

Welcome to the Out’n About! for Outlook User Reference Guide. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the Out’n About! for Outlook Client software.
Out’n About! is the ideal solution for receptionists or managers to track the whereabouts of employees in their organization. Out’n About! replaces the old fashioned, magnetic in/out status boards commonly used in organizations.
The Out’n About! for Outlook add-in extends and enhances Microsoft Outlook – the world’s leading e-mail and scheduling software. It adds all […]