Out’n About! for Windows v5.5

Out’n About! for Windows v5.5

New Features:

  • Increased maximum size of messages on the Message Pad.
  • Increased maximum size of user status messages.
  • Status messages can now be time-stamped indicating the date and time a user changed their status.
  • Administrative users now have the ability to reset a user’s password.
  • Added ability to save all status changes in a history log.
  • Added ability to horizontally resize the board.
  • User’s can now select the size of the font on the board (small, medium, or large).
  • Added advanced power management (APM) detection to disable the Out’n About! board refresh when a system enters power management mode. This will reduce ‘User Database In Use’ errors.
  • Added new Order Information dialog with a hyperlink to our web site.
  • Upgraded help file to Windows Help System 4.


  • Fixed problem with tray icon not showing correct status when message pad was disabled.
  • Fixed problem where checking out during shutdown changed wrong user’s status.


  • This version automatically upgrades the database files upon use. The files are not backward compatible with previous versions of Out’n About!. Ensure that all users are using the current version of Out’n About!.