Benefits of an Electronic In/out Board Software

Benefits of an Electronic In/out Board Software

Are you still using the same analogue “in/out status board” in order to keep track of the location of employees in your company?  Well, it is now time to give that board to the ancient ages and turn to 21st century’s new technologies.

In every company, it is important to know who goes in and who goes out but then, companies nowadays need to upgrade their system. They already need to leave behind pegs and magnets right exactly on the board in the past.

Electronic In/Out Status board for windows, one that leverages tracking of employees and their status, made office automation one of a kind experience. It is the ideal solutions in saving the time of your employees. With the help of electronic in/out board, status, availability as well as location of the staffs, are now just few clicks away.  Instantly, you are going to receive the information that you needed! That is so amazing right?

Aside from that, you will love the benefits having In/Out Status Board Software in your office because:

It improves collaboration among staff and management.

Collaborating among workers with a certain firm or company is much easier. It has a built-in company-private social network where you can create private and public groups.

It further improves the customer service and response time.

At any business or company, excellent customer service and quick response time is important.

It also gives accurate and precise reports on the workforce status as well as the visualization capabilities.

This software also helps in the organizing reports which include payroll and workforce tracking. Aside from that, it also further improves the efficiency inside the organization.

It keeps tracks on the available resources such as rooms, trucks and equipment.

The software also allows tracking of the resources as well as manages them. It includes the working status of the resources, its assignment to the users and specific schedules of the resources at the Calendar.

It improves time and attendance tracking

Not only that, it also give accuracy and precise data about the punctuality of the employees within the organization.

Mobile devices accessibility

Coming soon to Out’n About for Outlook! Soon your employees will be able to use their own iPhones and iPads to check into Out’n About. The lowest monthly pricing in the industry, you’ll only buy as many mobile access licenses as your company needs. Never overpay.

Easy access on the presence of the employees, availability and status

With the help of this software, you are now allowed to manage, communicate and view the status of an employee any time.

With its goal in providing a dynamic and interactive workforce management as well as excellent collaboration among employees, you are guaranteed that you are using the best tool in checking your workforce availability.

Knowing these benefits, would you still stick with the old and manual system? Don’t look any farther. This is the best office solution that you are looking for.

Never think twice!

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