Out’n About! folder is missing (cannot navigate to In/Out Board)

Out’n About! folder is missing (cannot navigate to In/Out Board)

When Outlook starts, we search all folders within the default users’ inbox parent folder for the existence of the Out’n About! folder before creating it since some users like to hide their complex folder trees and use Outlook shortcuts.

It is possible that you deleted the Out’n About! folder and it is still sitting in your ‘Deleted Items’ folder or simply moved the folder where it is not visible on load. To recover from the deleted scenario, you either need to restore the deleted item (move the folder out of the ‘Deleted Items’ folder) or permanently delete the folder and restart Outlook.

If you are sharing another users information across Outlook it is possible the Out’n About! software is detecting the presence of the Out’n About! folder and not creating the folder in the top level tree.

You can manually create the Out’n About! folder as follows:

  • Create a new folder by right clicking on the root folder and selecting the “New Folder…” menu item
  • Name the folder “Out’n About!”
  • Right click on the folder and select the “Properties” menu item
  • Select the “Home Page” tab
  • Check the “Show home page by default for this folder” checkbox
  • Enter the following Address in the “Address:” entry box:
    res://C:\Program Files\Out’n About! for Outlook\OutAboutOutlook.dll/outabout.htm
  • Make sure the Address points to the location the Out’n About! product was installed.
  • Click OK