Become an Affiliate

With the Intelligent Concepts Affiliate Program, you can help your clients manage their workforce, and will will make money in the process. Here’s some of the benefits of the program.

  • All Affiliates earn at least 15% of the total sales at checkout from their referral
  • For every 5 sales, your Affiliate Percentage will go up 5%, to a maximum of 30% commission on a sale
  • Payments are made to Affiliates monthly via PayPal (must have a PayPal account to participate).
  • All Affiliates have a easy to use dashboard to manage sales, track impressions, get approved banner ads, and referral links

Some Requirements

  • You are an IT services provider and not the company actually using the software.
  • You are not a spammy discount code website
  • You do not work directly as an employee of the organization using the software
  • You agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Intelligent Concepts Affiliate Program
  • The company name for the license must be the client’s organization name, and not the IT provider’s company name.
  • The client must purchase through the affiliate’s unique referral link in order to qualify