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The Top 5 Office Hacks to Better Manage Your Workflow

Each day, the stack of “things to do” in your office grows. You may work hard and do your best to manage each of the tasks you need to manage, but there’s always something to push onto the next day. It’s common for office managers and business owners to face a time crunch. The key to improving office productivity and overall accomplishments is to balance your time well. By getting rid of steps that are not necessary or can […]


Out’n About for Outlook Client Version 4.0

Its an exciting time here at Intelligent Concepts, makers of the Out’n About line of Status board software. We’ve just released our biggest update to the Outlook client of Out’n About to date.
This update brings amazing things such as an completely overhauled interface, with a beautiful new status board design. Now its easier than ever to see who is checked in.
Out’n About! for Outlook is built designed perfectfor Administrative Assistants and Managers.
Ever notice that the refresh button in version […]