The Top 5 Office Hacks to Better Manage Your Workflow

Each day, the stack of “things to do” in your office grows. You may work hard and do your best to manage each of the tasks you need to manage, but there’s always something to push onto the next day. It’s common for office managers and business owners to face a time crunch. The key to improving office productivity and overall accomplishments is to balance your time well. By getting rid of steps that are not necessary or can be done more efficiently, you have more time to do what’s valuable. Here are some tips to get you started.

#1: Use tools to manage tasks and to-do lists


Tools like Trello help to make it easy to manage the way your business operates. There are plenty of task management tools and apps available. The goal of these tools is to keep everything you need to do organized. You can rank them by importance, place them on a board by due date, and manage the work to be done across groups. Having everything in front of you helps to streamline the process.

#2: Manage availability efficiently


Who is coming and going? How much time do you spend tracking that? With Out’n About! for Outlook you gain far more control and efficiency. It allows you to manage time sheets quickly and allows you to do it all through the existing Outlook environment you are using – which makes putting this tool in place simple enough. Availability is clear from a single glance and you can customize it to fit your specific needs based on departments, goals, and reports.

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#3: Keep communications in hand


You can improve the way you communicate by keeping messages organized. Tools like Slack make that easy to do. Instead of trying to locate messages or Post-It notes with details, everything you need is in hand. More so, you can communicate the same message across various departments or groups. This saves time and confusion from email messages or having to move between offices.

#4: Leave email to the end

If you spend a lot of your time each day checking email, stop. Depending on its importance during your course of the day, you may want to block out just a few times a day for you to read and respond to email. This means turning off instant notifications on your computer about incoming email.

#5: Plan meetings wisely


Create an agenda for each meeting and stick to it. Ask yourself if the meeting is really necessary or if the information can be communicated through an email instead. Save discussions for the end of the meeting, too. And, set a time limit to the meeting. Doing this helps minimize the risks meetings will overtake the day.

Boosting productivity and office management is easier to do than you think when you incorporate the right tools and resources. When you incorporate Out’N About! into your business processes, you achieve the goals you have more effectively. Check it out now. It’s the easiest way to boost productivity in your office.