Out’n About for Windows Change Log


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Out’n About! for Windows v6.2
New Features:
• Tray icon tool tip now shows user’s status message.
• Modified the phone message list dialog to include message details and added delete capability.
• Added ‘Add new field’ menu item to custom user field administrative popup menu.
• Added new ‘smart-fields’ to allow user workgroup and message time stamp to be displayed in the custom field columns.
• Added ‘Cancel’ option to check in/out dialogs that require user input.
• Added ‘Retry’ own did not work correctly.
• Fixed problem where tray icon graphic disappeared when deleting last phone message.
Out’n About! for Windows v6.0
New Features:
• Completely new database engine based on award winning CodeBase database system.
• Users can now schedule events (e.g., meetings, travel, or vacation) to automatically check IN/OUT at a future date/time.
• Added Employee, Status History, and Phone History reports that can be viewed or printed by administrative users.
• Added military time support.
• Added mouse wheel support.
• Added option to automatically login at program startup.
• Added option to automatically check OUT and close the program when the system is shut down.
• Added option to display users by first and last name.
• Automatically detects new versions on your server allowing users to quickly update their workstation.
• Users can allow non-administrative users to view their event calendar and/or phone messages.

• There were no bugs identified by customers in Out’n About! for Windows v5.5!!!

• If you are upgrading a previous version of Out’n About! you MUST convert your existing Out’n About! database using the database conversion utility.
Out’n About! for Windows v5.5
New Features:
• Increased maximum size of messages on the Message Pad.
• Increased maximum size of user status messages.
• Status messages can now be time-stamped indicating the date and time a user changed their status.
• Administrative users now have the ability to reset a user’s password.
• Added ability to save all status changes in a history log.
• Added ability to horizontally resize the board.
• User’s can now select the size of the font on the board (small, medium, or large).
• Added advanced power management (APM) detection to disable the Out’n About! board refresh when a system enters power management mode. This will reduce ‘User Database In Use’ errors.
• Added new Order Information dialog with a hyperlink to our web site.
• Upgraded help file to Windows Help System 4.

• Fixed problem with tray icon not showing correct status when message pad was disabled.
• Fixed problem where checking out during shutdown changed wrong user’s status.

• This version automatically upgrades the database files upon use. The files are not backward compatible with previous versions of Out’n About!. Ensure that all users are using the current version of Out’n About!.
Out’n About! for Windows v5.4
Maintenance Release:
• Fixed problem where a user changing their status message could cause the status message for another user to inadvertently change.
Out’n About! for Windows v5.3
New Features:
• Receptionist user mode has been added (set by administrative users). Receptionists can change any user’s status and read any user’s public messages. Receptionist users are denoted by a ‘*’ after their name on the board. Administrative users are denoted by ‘**’ after their name on the board.
• Administrative users now have the ability to turn on/off the Message Pad. No messages are lost and the Message Pad can be re-enabled at any time.
• Administrative users now have the ability to edit the default status messages to better adapt the board to a company’s specific needs.
• Message Pad beep notification now uses the windows sound system.
• Out’n About! now prompts you to change your status message if you are logging in or out and a status message already exists.

• This version automatically upgrades the database files upon use. The files are not backward compatible with previous versions of Out’n About!
Out’n About! for Windows v5.2
New Features:
• Columns are now resizable (double click for autosize).
• User can forward a message to other users or groups.
• Empty custom field columns are removed from board.
• Status messages are no longer overwritten when checking IN or OUT.
Out’n About! for Windows v5.1
Maintenance Release:
• Fixed problem when two admin users on two different computers added new users. This resulted in multiple users sharing the same desktop ‘.wdt’ file.
Out’n About! for Windows v5.0
Group Support:
• Out’n About! now allows users to be assigned to different groups within the company such as marketing, engineering, or accounting. Users can then select which group they wish to view on their board. This allows managers to easily check on their division, or for the team members to coordinate with their group.

Phone Messaging:
• Messages can now be flagged as being private. Private messages can only be read by the recipient(s) of the message.
• Administrative users can view any user’s messages that are not marked private. When an employee calls the office to get their messages, an administrative user can retrieve the messages for the employee.
• Messages can now be sent to a single user, multiple users, a group, or all users.

Other Features:
• The Out’n About! board can now be resized to allow the user to view more or fewer employees at one time.
• A title bar has been added to Out’n About! to show the company name and the current group which is being viewed.
• Buttons have been added to the new title bar to display the main menu, select a group, display the message list, and hide the board.
• The popup administrative user menu has been modified to easily change the status of users on the board.
• Administrative users are identified by asterisks ‘*’ after their name on the board.
• Windows 3.1 and Windows NT 3.51 user interface bugs have been fixed.